A very different kind of senior year

Highlands Ranch grads on their season of cancellations


“This jacket was made by my mother. She completely made it from scratch herself. ... With prom canceled, I definitely do think I'm missing out on something. I'll never really know that the experience would have been like. It could have been the best prom ever, (or) it could have been a really mediocre prom where it was sort of just really hot and sweaty. I, of course, would like to think I'd have a great experience and I'm sure I would have.”

Harrison Kolar, Mountain Vista High School

“I had really high hopes for this season. My club team was supposed to go to nationals at the beginning of April in California. Sadly, we can't do that anymore. ... At every end of the year every season, it's pretty emotional. But especially as a senior, to not be able to play our last game like it's our last game, it sucks.”

Jesse Kittay, ThunderRidge High School

“Not being able to finish a year the past two years, it's been a really hard year from May to May. That was quite the adventure. It sucks that I haven't had a normal end of year since sophomore year. But I don't know, I guess I've gotten pretty good at rolling with the punches.”

— Patrick Neill, STEM School Highlands Ranch

“There will be so many more events that we will get to go to and we won't take these things for granted. I know I took prom for granted looking back at it. But I think now my eyes are more open and I'm taking every moment as special.”

— Shiloh McKee, Valor Christian High School

“There have been some high moments but it comes in waves. Sometimes I'm like, 'Yeah, this isn't too bad' and other times, 'Yeah, this really sucks.' So I'm taking it one day at a time and finding little projects to do, which has really helped me feel like I'm not wasting my senior year.”

— Emilia Hinds, Valor Christian High School

“I was really excited (about prom). I was going with my boyfriend and I had the whole night planned out in my head. Him getting me a red corsage and him wearing a red tie, just matching my dress and all of us going out to dinner and taking pictures. I was just really excited to go to prom with my friends.”

— McKenna Frakes, ThunderRidge High School

“It's been frustrating because I haven't been able to go anywhere. There's only so many art projects I can find to cure my boredom. And I've gone through about every Netflix show you can think of. ... It's definitely as hard as people say it is. I don't even feel like I'm done with school because it has felt the same for the last month and a half. Not having a big graduation or anything just king of sucks.”

— Aleah Gooden, Highlands Ranch High School

“The end-of-season banquet was canceled, which is the last celebration of that team. It was especially important this year because we're seniors. That was our last high school hockey season and that's had a big effect on all of our lives. Losing that last celebration of being that team and being part of that school was extremely disappointing.”

— Zach Anderson, Mountain Vista High School

“It's been a journey. But you roll with the punches and make the best out of it and take this time to improve yourself in different ways. I'm playing soccer at Colorado Christian University in the fall so I've been doing a lot of training for that. My family also has a piano so I've been messing around on that thing just improving my skill. I've been watching little videos on things I can learn, whether it's a stupid flip or balancing equations, just trying to prepare myself for college.”

— Caiden Dixon, Mountain Vista High School

“I'm disappointed but I'm not upset about it because I just have to accept it and I know there are other ways to make the most of it. Graduation is the biggest bummer because I have friends here, and they all have family here but we don't have anyone. So I'm missing out on them coming to town.”

— Juliana Holmes, Mountain Vista High School


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