10 Easy Everyday Tips for Improving Your Brain


Often we think of brain fitness tips as being activities like memory games, brain teasers and logic puzzles. All those things do work our brain muscle, but other aspects of our health also affect the efficiency and strength of our brain.

Our body, mind, and emotions are all connected, so strengthening one area will help the others. If the basic needs of your brain (and body!) aren’t met, all the brain teasers in the world won’t make your mind stronger.

Here are 10 tips to improve your overall health and your brain!

  1. Exercise--good for you in every way. Studies show that using your body helps increase your ability to use your brain too.
  2. Relax--your brain can't grow when all it's power is being used to worry. Find a relaxing activity, start journaling, or take yoga classes.
  3. Eat Well--nutritious food full of Omega 3's and antioxidants fuel your body and brain. Without the right fuel, you can never reach your full potential.
  4. Rest--learning and memory is cemented in your brain while you sleep so don't skimp on your rest.
  5. Be Kind to Yourself--end negative self-talk and treat yourself, even your imperfections, the way you would treat anyone you love. You don’t expect anyone else to be perfect so why be so hard on yourself?
  6. Laugh--laughter releases stress, builds connections with others, and it is proven that laughter really is good medicine.
  7. Adapt to Change--change happens whether you are prepared or not. Adapting to the change rather than resisting it will keep you happier and healthier. Adaption is what make our brain and body grow, so although it may be difficult at the time, change truly makes us stronger.
  8. Say “No”--too often we feel overworked and overwhelmed which inhibits our brain from growing. Before you agree to someone's request for your time make sure it is a commitment you truly want to make.
  9. Do It Now--when you put off responsibilities, even little ones, they can build. This causes more worry and hurts your self-esteem. Plus those nagging worries take up brain power that could be used for more important things.
  10. Look Forward--.Set goals and dream big because if you can see your future the way you want it to be, the more likely is that you will make it happen. If you want a better job, take steps toward it. If you want a better brain, look into brain training. If you want a stronger body, hire a personal trainer. You can make it happen!

There are so many ways we can improve our mind, but sometimes a brisk walk with a friend is really a great, easy way to prime our brain to grow and be stronger.


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