'When you talk to more people, you spread more ideas'

Codey Carr of Golden


Codey Carr, 15, helped push for a law to lower the voting age in Golden to 16 years of age, as well as help write city legislation to ban conversion therapy, the practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual.  Codey’s involvement also began soon after the2016  election — he wanted to make a difference and ensure his ideas were represented. He plans to remain involved in politics in the future.

If you knew me, you would know ...

“Being involved in politics has really just shaped my willingness to speak to other people, my willingness to listen to other people’s opinions. I think before I really started getting engaged and super actively involved, I had opinions I wanted to stick to and that was that. Talking to more people, spreading the word, canvassing and actually being involved a lot more with just more discussion, in general, has just really changed my opinions as well as just made me stronger in what I believe in and what I think on what America stands for.”

How I want to change the world

 “I want to work in the state department when I am older, so I’d really like to change the political sphere not only on a national level but on an international level as well, and make sure that every single international relation does either benefit the United States — or we’re informed in regards to that issue and we can also really make the best decision on that. On a national level, I think more moderation is wonderful. I think we are so polarized right now as a country that I would do anything I could to … make sure that everything is heard and it’s not just black and white, but a spectrum of gray.

"I also think just keeping open dialogue with people you don’t agree with — that’s the best way to make informed decisions, besides going and actually reading up on the issues. When you talk to more people, you spread more ideas. That’s really when you can have a stronger foundation in your own opinion. So I feel like the stronger your opinions are and the more well-founded they are, the more impactful, I think, on a personal level, your vote actually is.”

Why my voice is important

“It’s always that we’re trying to get more people to vote, right? In my opinion, it does not matter how you vote as long as you are voting and making sure that you are putting your opinion in the polls and you are making your vote matter. That’s so important. We live in a democracy, let’s make sure it stays that way.”


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