Not sure about Polis' claim of outrage


When the monument honoring Colorado Civil War Union soldiers was recently torn down at the State Capitol, Governor Polis issued the following statement:

“I am outraged at the damage to a statue that commemorates the Union heroes of the Civil War who fought and lost their lives to end slavery. This statue will be repaired, and we will use every tool at our disposal to work with Denver Police and to hold accountable those responsible for the damage whether they are hooligans, white supremacists, Confederate sympathizers, or drunk teenagers.”


For Governor Polis to suggest it was anyone except the Antifa revolutionaries or their sympathizers is absurd. He knows better, and is doing all he can to deflect the blame from where it belongs. His list of possible vandals is also ridiculous, and drips with his hard-left political style.

We hold the governor responsible for this shameful act. He set up the circumstances for the destruction to occur by making it very clear he would not stop any vandalism, and by refusing to provide appropriate security for the Capitol Complex.

Consequently, the Capitol grounds have been methodically destroyed, and memorials to the most deserving heroes of our state have been defaced and torn down.

The destruction of the Civil War monument is particularly significant. When Denver was laid out, the Capitol was bordered by streets named after Presidents Lincoln and Grant, General Sherman, and the author of the 13th Amendment that prohibited slavery, U.S. House Speaker Colfax, who later became Vice President Colfax. These heroes were the champions of abolishing slavery. Of all the monuments surrounding the Capitol, the Civil War monument represents our state founders’ highest ideals.

Finally, our governor has dishonored the very troopers under his command, who protect him and his office. Colorado law stipulates that the State Patrol is responsible to defend our Capitol, the governor, and the General Assembly. By refusing to take a strong stand against the ongoing vandalism, the governor has surrendered the jurisdiction and authority of the State Patrol along with his own responsibility to enforce the law and prevent millions of dollars of damage to the most iconic historical landmark in Colorado.

It is reprehensible that this monument was targeted for such destruction. It is inexcusable that the governor did not understand that it is his responsibility to prevent this lawlessness.

The governor has given the limited staff of State Patrol officers assigned to the Capitol Complex just one option: helplessly watch Antifa-inspired rioters vandalize the area.

Why does the governor continue to refuse to do his duty? We can only guess, but it appears his sympathies may be more for the revolutionaries and not so much for upholding the laws of the State of Colorado.

Governor Polis took an oath to support and defend the Constitutions of both the United States and the State of Colorado. Instead, he has let domestic terrorists trample on our laws and promote the violent overthrow of our government.

The people of Colorado deserve better. Much better. If our present governor cannot uphold the laws of our state, the people of Colorado need to replace him with someone who will.

This column was submitted jointly by former state senators Ted Harvey, Kent Lambert, Kevin Lundberg, Scott Renfroe and David Schultheis


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