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Broken US-Indigenous treaties: A timeline

Stacker compiled a list of 15 broken U.S.-Indigenous treaties negotiated between 1778 and 1868 using news, archival documents, and historical reports.

Leather Helmets? Round Footballs? This is How NFL Equipment Has Evolved Over the Years

(NewsUSA) - With Safety Being the Number 1 Priority, the NFL Has Made Changes Even In Recent Years What Will the Future Bring? utgers on November 6, 1869, has undergone an astonishing evolution. …

A timeline of the Vietnam War

Using a variety of news and government sources, Stacker compiled a detailed timeline of the Vietnam War.

Making history

7 nurses of color who made history

Incredible Health features seven nurses of color who made history, drawing on information from various sources.

10 groundbreaking Filipino Americans in US history

Stacker combed the web and found 10 Filipino Americans who have made significant contributions and accomplishments in U.S. history.
Science stories
From battlefields to bedsides: The evolution of modern EMTs
Medical Technology Schools used historical and medical sources to delve into the five biggest moments in the evolution of modern emergency medical technicians.
States that produce the most greenhouse emissions from agriculture
Findbusinesses4sale used Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture data to explore emissions from agriculture across the U.S.
AI is here – and everywhere: 3 AI researchers look to the challenges ahead in 2024
AI has arrived. How will it change society in the year ahead? Pavel_Chag/iStock via Getty Images 2023 was an inflection point in the evolution of artificial intelligence and its role in society. The …
Pediatric cancer is on the rise, with some types becoming more common
Northwell Health partnered with Stacker to examine data published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that found pediatric cancer is on the rise.
Bringing classical physics into the modern world with Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment
Galileo, holding two balls, about to perform his legendary experiment. Hulton Archive/Stringer via Getty Images If you drop a light object and a heavy object from a tower, which one reaches the …
MicroRNA is the master regulator of the genome − researchers are learning how to treat disease by harnessing the way it controls genes
RNA is more than just a transitional state between DNA and protein. Kateryna Kon/Science Photo Library via Getty Images The Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago , and life less than a billion years …
Unwrapping Uranus and its icy secrets: What NASA would learn from a mission to a wild world
Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system. NASA/JPL Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun , orbits in the outer solar system, about two billion miles (3.2 billion kilometers) from Earth. It …
Massive planet too big for its own sun pushes astronomers to rethink exoplanet formation
LHS 3154b, a newly discovered massive planet that should be too big to exist. The Pennsylvania State University Imagine you’re a farmer searching for eggs in the chicken coop – but instead of a …
Memes about animal resistance are everywhere — here’s why you shouldn’t laugh off rebellious orcas and sea otters too quickly
It's tempting to envision orcas attacking yachts as the forward troops in an animal uprising. Jackson Roberts/iStock via Getty Images Plus Memes galore centered on the “orca revolution” have …
First contact with aliens could end in colonization and genocide if we don't learn from history
We’re only halfway through 2023, and it feels already like the year of alien contact. In February, President Joe Biden gave orders to shoot down three unidentified aerial phenomena – NASA’s title for UFOs. …
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